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Personal Funds Recovery Services, LLC is a leader in unclaimed money recovery.  We thrive towards the goals of creating awareness and providing access to unclaimed money by specializing in discovering unclaimed assets, researching the location of the assets' owner and reuniting the two. Managed by a national team with expertise in asset recovery, our researchers, legal teams and asset recovery specialists provide an unparalleled service quality to our clients.  We are committed to reuniting our clients with their financial assets.  With over 20 years experience in customer service, our goal is to provide excellence in customer care while efficiently and effectively; acquiring, safeguarding and distributing to rightful owners their money.

PFRS has developed three exceptional services designed to provide our clients with all of the necessary and available resources needed to be reunited with their assets: Funds Recovery, Funds Discovery and Funds/Property Search.
Our Vision: "Your Assets, Your Opportunities". PFRS's teams of specialists are committed to identifying and reuniting unclaimed assets with its’ rightful owners. As a company built on a sense of community responsibility, and a business that positively impacts people throughout the nation, our commitment is your opportunity.

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Personal Funds Recovery Services, LLC
P.O. Box 470313
Aurora, CO 80047-0313 
Phone # 866.807.7143
Fax # 866.957.3336

You could be one of the millions of people with unclaimed money or property, let PFRS serve as your resource for identifying your assets.  Click Below!

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