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  In these times of economic hardship, PFRS is a breath of fresh air! After being contacted, I returned the authorization form and provided them with the required paperwork to prove my ownership of the claim. They took care of the entire process for me. They truly go above & beyond. I had everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.
  Fatima M
Aurora, CO
  This is the letter you want to receive! When PFRS contacts you, it means you have money owed to you. They process and track your claim from beginning to end, and they don’t get paid until you get paid. It’s sobering to know that so many of us have money out there that belongs to us and most of us don’t know it. I can’t thank you enough for sharing with me such valuable information. PFRS found over $3600 dollars in combined assets for me and my family.
  Eugenia E
Indianapolis, IN
  Outstanding services! I did my homework, and PFRS provides the best services in locating your unclaimed property. You can either sit back and let them find and recover your unclaimed funds for you, wait for them to contact you with the discovery of your property, or search for it yourself using their nationwide database link service. Its obvious, awareness & accessibility are crucial. PFRS has the knowledge, expertise & professionalism to find your unclaimed wealth.
  Mike B
Strasburg, CO
  I received a letter claiming I was the owner of some unclaimed funds. We’ve all received them right? So I actually googled “unclaimed funds” and found out that they are actually legitimate funds owed to us, and being held either by the government or some other private organization. Thank you for finding me PFRS, I would have never known about this money if it wasn’t for you.
  Sarah F
Brooklyn, NY
  The initial contact was a surprise. I almost threw away the letter thinking it was a solicitor. The letter stated that I had some unclaimed funds waiting to be claimed. I contacted them by phone and after answering all of my questions, I felt confident that this company had my best interest at heart. PFRS found $2500 in unclaimed assets for me and the referral fee was a joke, I’d pay that anytime.
  Patricia L
Las Vegas, NV
  I was contacted by PFRS regarding unclaimed assets owed to me. The letter was very specific and urged me to visit their website to begin the process of identifying my unclaimed assets or to call them with any questions or concerns. Their website also provided me the information to gain a better understanding on what unclaimed property was and how I came to have some. It turns out I had a significant amount of money owed to me, PFRS told me who had it and with their assistance I went and got it! I would recommend them to anyone.
  Diane T
Palm Coast, FL
  It truly is the modern day gold rush! I signed up for PFRS’s funds search and within 1 minute I found unclaimed funds for my mother, from an old savings account. I also located unclaimed money for 4 of my relatives, and 10 of my friends and close associates. This site is awesome!
  Emilio V
San Francisco, CA
  Unbelievable! At last, finally hard earned money coming back to those of us who earned it. I found unclaimed funds for myself in 3 different states in less than 10 minutes. One was a final paycheck from a previous employer, another was from a cancelled auto insurance policy, I could go on and on…. Thank you PFRS, the rewards definitely surpassed your minimal fee.
  Steve R
Los Angeles, CA
  Its payday, scratch tickets, the lottery & Las Vegas all rolled in one! The nationwide database funds search is great. I found unclaimed funds for family, friends and even my boss. That’s right I found over $1500 for my boss, I didn’t get a raise but I got a few extra paid days off. I look forward everyday to seeing who else I know I can find money for. I’m thrilled and can’t praise your site enough.
  John A
Dayton, OH
  A friend of mine had a membership to PFRS's funds property search service. He was looking up all of his family & friends, when I received a call from him.  He told me that I had four claims in my name so I immediately went to the site and signed up. Turns out I had four claims totaling $1,154. I received my money just in time for the family cruise. PFRS made my vacation!
  Taza G
Denver, CO

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